Roofing Client List

1514 W. North Shore Condo
1517-21 Paulina Condo
3037 W. Montrose Condo
33 W. Jackson Condo
4408-10 N. Hermitage Condo Assoc.
5220 On Rockwell Condo
5448 Cornell Condo
848 W. Gunnison Condo
918 W. Ainslie LLC
A B C Children’s Center
A Finkle & Sons Co.
A Relaxed You
ABC Children Center
ACS General Contractors
Ada Metal
Addison Building Corp.
Addison Fire Dept.
Alabastro & Associates
Albany Care Center
Alechri Properties
Allan Odis Company
Alliance Retail Construction
Anmar Foods
Anthony Ct. Condo Assoc.
Antonovich Associates
Architectural Development
Architectural Floor Systems
Art Inc.
Art Pizza
Ashlie Manor Condo Assn.
Avondale Office Center
B M W Contruction
Banco Popular
Baptist General
Bari Management
Barrington Hill Country
Barrington Partners LLC
Barsanti Wood Work Corp.
Bear Stewart Corp.
Beckers Dairy
Belmont Assembly Of God
Best Chicago Meat Co.
Bethany United Church
Binney’s Beverage Depot
Bitzer Products
Blair House Condo
Block Steel Corp.
Blum Animal Hospital
BMW Construction
Box Form Inc.
Brainard Baptist Church
Brandon Builders
Brickwood Condo
Bright Metals Finishing
Brighton Pk. Animal Hospital
Bryn Mawn Care
Burger King
C & S Rental Service
C K Ventures
C R Builders Group
Caldwell Woods Condo
Calvary M.B. Church
Canteen Vending
Captain Curt’s BBQ
Caring Dental Smiles
Carlson Electronics
Casey Automotive
Casey Laskowski Funeral
Catholic Charities
Catholic Kolping Society
Centera Transport
Central Can Company
Champs Sports Bar & Grill
Charles Bender Co.
Charles Ifergan
Chase Wolcott Condo
Chef Paul’s Bavarian Lodge
Chicago Press Inc.
Chicago Spotlight
Chinese Bible Church
Christ Cathedral Church
Church of The Living God
Circle View Condo
City View Management Inc.
Clad-Rex Inc.
Clark Pawners Inc.
Cochrane Compressor
Collins Laundromat
Columbus Park Care Center
Commercial Equity
Construction Building
Continental Painting
Cosco Logistics
Courtyards of Westchester
Crawford Labs
Cross Communications
Cross Crown Church
Cumberland Chapels
Cumberland Funeral Home
D & S Contracting Services
D.A. George & Sons
Dakota K Auto Repair
Damen Management
Davis Bancorp Inc.
Dearborn Wholesale
Delgado Travel Inc.
Design Fabrication
Discovery Clothing
Dominion Patio Homes
Domino’s Pizza
Donovan & Associates
Dougherty Insurance
Downers Grove Auto Part
E. Anthony Inc.
Eaglebrook Condo Assoc.
East Balt Commissary Inc.
Eastside Townhouses
Ecker-Erardt Co. Inc.
Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Multicopy Corp.
Murphy Miller Co.
MWS Development
New Friendship Baptist Church
Eden United Church Of Christ
Edsal Corporation
Elite Construction
Elkay Center
Epithany Lutheran Church
Equipment Storage Corp.
Evelyn Lane Condo Assn.
Fairfield Condo Assoc.
Faith Evangelical
Family Care Gentle Dental
Family Pet Animal Hospital
Ferrari Development
Filipino Restaurant
Fine Art
First Bethlehem Church
First Presbyterian Church
Flader Plumbing
Flexi-Van Leasing
Forest Park National Bank
Fuzzi Design & Development
G & A Group
Gage Assembly
Gateway Chevrolet
Gateway Foundation
Geils Funeral Home
Giertsen Co. of Illinois
GM & A Partners
Gold Coast Contractors
Goldberg General Construction
Gonella Bread Co.
Good Karma Construction
Granada Gables Mgmt. LLC
Greater Bethesda Church
Greater Open Door Church
Greco’s Pastry Shop
Green House Condo Assoc.
Gresham Medical Center
H.P.C. Inc.
Hanlin Management
Hawthorne Race Course
Haymarket Center
Hebard & Porter Storage
Hermitage Condo Assoc.
Highland Avondale
Hines 333 W. Wacker DR,LP
Hispanic Housing
Hollywood Cleaners
Holy Cross Lutheran
Homan Corporation
HRDI Corp.
Hudson Ave. Condo Assoc.
IBS Logistics
Illinois Facilities Fund
Iltaco Foods
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Indoor Comfort
Industrial Pipe
Instant Whip Foods
Irving Park Bowl
Jackson Towers
Jeffery Condominiums
Jensen-Souder Assoc.
Jews For Jesus
Keeley Construction
Keith Stewart & Fruit Products
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kenwood-Dorchester Condo
Key Management & Realty
Kids R First
Kinder Morgan Teminals
Klein & Assoc.
Klein Creek Golf Club
Klein Tools Inc.
Koenig & Strey
Koral Management
L. Isaacson & Stein
L. Waller Enterprises
Landrover Winnetka
Laurens Restoration
Leads Construction
Lee’s Cuddle & Day Care Center
Legum & Norman Inc.
Leland By The Lake Condo
Lem’s Bar-B-Que
Light Brothers
Limestone Inc.
Link Company
Lion Circle Corp.
LLT Management
Loft Development
Longhorn Enterprises
Lutheran North High School
Lutheran School of Theology
M D K Development Inc.
Maplewood Care Center
Marcal Paper Mills
Maron Electric
Marrello Corporation
Matanky Realty Group
Matocha Associates
Maurice Lenell Inc.
MB Realstate
Mc Cann Industries
McHenry County Memorial Pk.
MDK Development
Merit Tool Engineering
Metal Management
Metropolitan Commuity Church
Metropolitan Fire Restoration
Midas Mufflers
Midwest Information Systems
Millennia Internationale Group
Morgan Park Baptist
Mother Theodore Guerrin
MSM Pro Properties

New Life Com. Church
Newly Wed Foods
North Town Mechanical
Northern Baptist Seminary
Northshore Refrigeration
Northtown Refrigeration
Northwest Armory
Northwest University Settlement
Nortown Automotive
Norwegian Amercan Hospital
Norwood Drugs
Notre Dame Hight School
Oak Park Country Club
Oak Park YMCA
Ohims, Todd
Old Landmark Church
Omarice Home Builders
Omnicon Inc.
Outdoor Solutions
Pacific Home House Care
Park Lane Condo Assoc.
Performance Mechanical
Petterson Assoc.
Philip J. Rock Center & School
Pickens Kane
Pilgrim Management
Pilsen Pediatrics
Premier Warehouse
Premiere Asset Recovery Group LLC
Progressive Industries
Provident Hospital
Q.B. Properties
Quality Cleaning Fluid
Quicksilver Assoc.
Quinn Chappel
R & H Partnership
Rainbow Art
Ravenswood On The Park
Redeemed Tabernacle
Reebie Storage
Reich Partnership
Resurrection Health
Reuter’s Bakery
Revamp Enterprises
Richardson & Edwards Printers
Ridge Boulevard Condo
River Forest United Methodist Church
Riverside Foods
Ronto Enterprises Inc.
Ryan Parke Funeral
S.G. Eaton Trust
S.I.R. Management
Sacred Heart Hospital
Salvation Army
Sandler Sanitary Wiping
Sans Souci Condos
Scadron Outdoor
Schulhof Plumbing
Seaway Bank
Second Mt. Vernon Church
Seminary Ave. Community Church
Service Products Inc.
Sievert Mechanical Serv.
Silver Stone Builders
Skaja Terrace Funeral Home
Skylark Motel
South Shore Hospital
Southwest Town Mechanical
Springbrook Villas
St. Andrews Golf Club
St. Elizabeth Hospital
St. Ita Church
St. John’s Baptist Church
St. Joseph Athletic Club
St. Lukes Lutheran Of Logan Square
St. Matthew Baptist Church
St. Scholastica High School
St. Thaddeus Church
St.Andrews Golf Club
Staalsen Construction Co
Superior Home Health
Szykowny Funeral Home
T. Andrews Construction
Teca Corp.
Thatch Masonry
The Chateau Bu-Sche
The Surrey Hinsdale Condo
Thorek Hospital
Tomco Die & Kellering Co.
Toorak Road Homes LLC
Toyota on Western
Twelve Oaks Condo
Twin Manor Condo
Tybony Paint
Ultra-Metric Tool Co.
Union Tabernacle Baptist Church
Urban Elevator Service
Val Realty Management
Vantage Point Condo
Villa Capital Partners
Village Of Villa Park
Vireva Nursery
Voss Belting Co.
Walach Manufacturing
Wald Management Co.
Waveland Bowl
Way-Ken Construction
Welding Industrial
Wellington Mortgage Corp.
West Lawn Baptist Church
Winemac Ct. Condo Assn.
Wood Dale Fire Protection
York & Vallette