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MATTHEWS ROOFING WEBSITE: Matthews Roofing Website has be completely revamped for you the customer.  We appreciate all the customers who have put their trust in us over the years.  Our old website was good for its time but it was incomplete.  Our new site is user friendly, informative and real.  Many sites you see out there use stock photos and doctored images.  We have real images with real projects and real employees.  We hope you enjoy it.  Please visit Matthews Roofing Website at
Matthews Roofing Website WINTER TIME TIP: Here is a setting chart of the temperatures compared to the humidity setting in your home or business.  Understanding this will prevent your roof system from deteriorating before its time.  Matthews Roofing knows that if the dew point of your building is directly under the roof deck, condensation will occur rotting out the deck.  Please take a minute to properly set your humidistat to the suggested humidity setting.  Check out this information: Humidity