Roof Ice Dam



Winter is not friendly when it comes to roof systems in the Chicago area.  Extreme temperature changes, snow and ice all play havoc on your roof system.  This does however reveal what is going on with your roof.  Roof Leaks during the wintertime are indications of problems that need to be addressed.  A roof inspection is necessary to determine what the winter did to your roof.  It could be an indicator of the need for a roof replacement, roof repairs or just a well performed roof maintenance.


Roof leaks occurring only in the winter time or during a hard rain usually mean your building is in need of some good quality roof repairs.  Roof repairs are installed when the owner desires to get their roof to a maintainable condition.  One thing to note is having a maintenance program does not necessarily mean a roof repair will never be needed.  Roof repairs are usually pretty obvious and clear when a professional looks at your roof.  However, when the building has many roofing layers and decks that allow water to travel, this can be tricky.


At Matthews Roofing, we are firm believers in roof maintenance programs.  We don’t want to give our customers something they don’t need.  Roof maintenance allows us to extend the life of any roof.  This saves our customers money and in turn builds trust with our customers.  Every building should have a roof maintenance performed at least once a year.  This allows us to take care of any roof related issues that occur.  I also allows us to budget for any necessary roof repair and or roof replacement.




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