Thorek Hospital Project

Matthews Roofing Chicago Thorek Hospital Project

For more than 90 years, residents of Chicago have relied on the progressive health care provided by Thorek Memorial Hospital. Matthews Roofing Company is proud to provide quality products and services to Thorek Hospital since 1984.

In recent years, Matthews Roofing has significantly increased its emphasis on using the newer cleaner types of roofing technologies, ushering in a new era of roofing systems and techniques. Working in partnership with our customers like Thorek are challenging because of the variety of unusual working conditions. Thorek Hospital is one of the best equipped facilities in the country and protecting the roof system for this hospital comes with a well thought out plan and approach. Here again Matthews Roofing is always looking to find and use the latest products with a focus on technology-based solutions to specific roof condition and customer needs.

Matthews Roofing strongly supports the development of cool-roof technology and cleaner applications. Single ply membranes, for example are environmentally sound and represent an excellent choice with high energy efficiency for building owners.

Many important factors must be considered before selecting the type of roofing system and the proper roofing materials for this project. First and foremost, we decide on the best life cycle costs for each of the many roofing sections. Wind factors and deck substrate also have to be considered to determine how each system will be attached. We determine which thermal efficiency system is needed for energy savings. We check on the fire rating needed for each building for safety purposes. What ever the questions, you can count on Matthews Roofing Company to provide the most advanced total solution for each and every project.

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